Ballroom accessories

– Thermal cover (polyurethane with double-sided aluminum cladding, yacht material) 1500net – Thermal insulation of the log with PUR foam (closed cell) 800net – single-point LED/RGB lighting 600net – multi-point LED/RGB lighting 1100net – external lighting around the log LED/RGB 600net – large 3-step staircase with place for filter 1000net – large 3-step staircasestairs+filter+filter connection 2500net – stairs insulation for year-round version 500 net– sand filter made in Germany 1500net – filter connection 400net – sand/glass filter bed filling 100/200net – AERO MASSAGE (12 stainless steel jets + pump) 2500net – HYDRO MASSAGE STANDARD (10 jets) -pump 1,1KW 360 L/min 2500net – HYDRO PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE (10 jets) -pump 1,5KW 620L/min 4000net – replacement of furnace to electric version 6KW – 800net – Combo set (heater 3KW ) 2000net – pool chemistry 100net – replacement of pool to 225 cm version (8-10 people) 2000net – additional 1 meter chimney 150net – mini-bar for drinks 200net – mini-bar for snacks 200 net

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