Exclusive Discovery sauna with spherical glass window

eksjlizywna sauna Discovery z szybą sferyczną

Sauna Discovery

Price: from 18400 PLN net

Garden sauna Ø 200 cm, 300 liters, for 6-8 people

Discovery garden sauna

Sauna with convex glazing made of polycarbonate 8mm thick. Insulated glass in the sauna windows made of safety glass and are athermal. Doors glued, multi-faceted which prevents warping, with a special handle with pressure and most importantly a rubber seal. Threshold reinforced with a stainless steel cover. Equipment: stove including chimney and stones, benches, stainless steel bands, interior platform, natural untreated wood, exterior glass door. SO-DSC sauna with convex polycarbonate glazing. For other equipment, see sauna accessories.

Technical data:

Number of people::

6 - 8


integrated made of stainless steel


stainless steel 2m + canopy + chimney cover

Exterior finish.:

stainless steel clamps / decorative screws-stainless steel

Frame design:

of impregnated wood

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