Aqualife spa tub for families

Although it is the core range offered by Aquavia Spa, the whirlpool tubs from the Aqualife collection are quality leaders in the functional portable sector of this type of equipment. Aqualife tubs are clearly designed for relaxing at home and enjoying quality time with family or guests. Aqualife combines high-quality materials, solid construction and reliable mechanical and electronic components. These are whirlpool baths with optimal maintenance costs and long life. Undoubtedly a profitable investment for the home. Bathtubs from the Aqualife collection come standard with, among other things, a metal frame with ABS base, an automatic filtration system with self-cleaning function and water heating with a separate silent pump and filter, LED underwater lighting with color therapy, an ozonator for water disinfection, a hydromassage pump or pumps and an air massage pump (depending on the model) and a thermal cover.

In addition, the tub can be personalized by choosing the color of the basin and casing, the number of underwater lights, the type of control panel, and additional options such as:

  • Blue Connect Plus – an automatic system for measuring water chemical parameters. An application on your phone will present the results, determine whether the bath is safe, and calculate the amount needed to add,
  • Wi-Fi module – control your spa tub from anywhere on earth,
  • 2.1 sound system – the highest quality sound from speakers hidden in the enclosure,
  • Eco Spa – thermal insulation right behind the enclosure, thanks to which not only the basin of the tub but also all pumps, equipment and piping are insulated,
  • Nordic Insulation – additional thermal insulation that guarantees maximum energy savings. Devices in this series can be ordered without a housing for installation in the terrace.

Our installation and service of spa tubs covers the area of Tarnowskie Góry and Silesia.

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